gane07How it Works – Fees and other information:

Please be in touch by email to set up a session. We will either do a skype voice call or I will call you by phone.

Natal Reading- Approximately 75 -90 minutes $200.00

Your natal reading will provide a snapshot of the dominant karmas at play throughout your life, and give you a framework to explore strengths and challenges in your life-purpose, skills and talents, health, relationships, finances, career, education, etc. We will be able to dig into those areas that are most easily changed or grown, and those which are best adapted to – in a way that helps build maximum success in life.

Jyotisha’s tools for measuring time (dashas) allow for assessment of when change is possible and/or necessary, and you will receive information to help you plan for the future in areas you want to explore.

Your questions and steering of the session are important, and welcome.

It’s useful to have pen and paper at hand, and to take notes of things that you find important.

Annual Updates 60 minutes $150.00  90 minutes $200.00

When you seek more detailed and specific information on an ongoing basis, annual updates can be useful for short term predictions and immediate feedback on current issues.

Compatibility (of all kinds) $200.00 -$250.00

Relationship dynamics between any sets of people – parent and child, employee/employer, or business partners, as well as spousal relationships are exceptionally well understood through the special techniques developed in India and extended by my teacher.

We will examine your own innate strengths and weaknesses in the relationship type being examined, as well as those of the other, and do an analysis of the dynamic that exists between you and the other.

Prasna $50.00

Prasna is a question in the moment, and the techniques for Prasna are designed to handle specific questions like “Will my health improve?” or “Will my house sell?” Prasna techniques are used during a regular chart reading, but a prasna session can be booked for a response to a single question.

Muhurta $180.00

Muhurta is the choosing of an auspicious date to begin any activity, whether it is marriage, new business, schooling, or other. It is India’s way of ensuring that the movement of one’s personal karmas are best aligned with the larger movements of the Universe for any given activity. Muhurta takes into account the natal chart (or charts) and, based on the strengths of relevant factors there, casts into the future to find the strongest possible alignments for the individual (s). It is a complex and painstaking work that yields enormous rewards for those who use it.

You will need to provide the range within which the event should begin or take place.

Some muhurtas – those involving more than one person, may require a higher fee.

Vaastu $200.00 base

Vaastu sessions will help you align more elegantly with the space of your home, office, or other locations. It is useful to help choose locations, renovate to achieve greater health and prosperity, solve location problems of various sorts. It employs the use of both Jyotisha and classical architecture, construction and design principles.

Vaastu sessions are always best accomplished on site, and so while general advice can be given regarding Vaastu, travel to and from a site are generally incorporated into the session.