palmistry-picPalmistry, or Hasta Sāmudrika

. Hasta means hand in Sanskrit, and Hasta Sāmudrika Shastra is the venerable Indian tradition of palmistry. In the west, when we think of “astrology” we think of a chart. In India, people hold out their hands for examination when they learn they are in front of an “astrologer”. It is a wonderful thing to be reminded that what is found above in the heavens is always also found below, in the hand.

The dominant features of a hand do not change, or not much, over a lifetime. But the minor lines come and go, colours and strength and even the course of a line can change – which is a reflection of the unfolding of a persons life in their hands. And as usual, the classical Indian system surpasses all others – over 350 individual lines are listed in the texts, each with a separate and distinct description and meaning.

Hasta Sāmudrika is part of all Jyotisha sessions, which is one reason why it is preferred to do sessions in person.