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Vāstu Śāstra

Vāstu Śāstra is the set of tools that help us design and maintain our physical environment for maximum well-being and happiness. As with Jyotisha and Hasta Samudrika, Vaastu’s principles and theory are derived from the great philosophical structure of Samkhya: the five great elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are prescribed in their proper place and quantity to achieve balance.

Knowing the proportions and meta-level functions of these elements, the techniques of Vāstu allow for corrections and adjustments to be made to the external environment, the structures of a house or building, and the internal relationship of rooms and other spaces to each other.

Vāstu also has methods to align an individuals’ strengths and challenges as shown in the horoscope to the physical spaces of their lives, and thus Vāstu can act as a direct upaya for certain karmic tendencies.